About Electrification

The Electrification of your home is a major step towards the future of homeownership and renewable energy. Electrification brings independence from fossil fuel sources, grid outages, plus enhanced control over your home and its usage. By engaging in this process, you open the door to incorporate new technologies into your life, such as: solar energy/grid independence, electric vehicles, induction cooking, whole home power generation plus battery backup, and Smart Panels that can track your home’s usage in real-time.

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Mend is a Generac dealer with certified service installers and technicians. A stand by generator is more affordable than you think. Enjoy peace of mind with generated backup power.

Smart Panel

Mend partners with SPAN to bring you whole house electrification. SPAN smart panels allow you to monitor your home’s circuits even when you are away.  Leave home and forget to turn the oven off? No need to panic. Simply open the app and turn the circuit off.

Backup Battery System

Mend partners with Enphase for your home’s battery backup systems. Rain, sleet, snow, or ice? Enphase IQ Batteries are NEMA 3R rated, so they keep delivering power even in harsh weather conditions.

EV Charger

From panel readiness to charging station installation, our electrical team is EV trained and certified with EV Tech, Tesla, Chargepoint, and other major manufacturers to ensure your home is prepared to support your new electric vehicle.

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