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Regardless of the size of your electrical project, whether troubleshooting a problem, relocating a few lights, or tackling a much larger project, Mend Services’ electrical division can help your project keep the lights on! Led by our in-house Master Electrician, Mend’s team of skilled professionals bring quality attention to detail to every electrical project. We focus on the details to meet your electrical needs.


Whole house electrification is gaining popularity due to the potential to reduce energy demand. The efficiency of electric technologies over fossil fuel-based alternatives is pushing homeowners to consider converting to whole-house electrification. Click here to check out how Mend can help with home electrification. 


Our electrical team can help with your decisions to upgrade interior and exterior lighting. Modern fixtures can have a tremendous impact on the feel of your space and provide improved efficiency. We can help guide that process to source and install the best lighting solution for your project, and our team can handle even the most demanding installations.


Our electricians know the electrical code inside and out. We can help you understand your home or business needs to ensure your panel and wiring is safe and functional. You can rely on Mend’s licensed professionals to meet even the toughest residential and commercial electrical needs.


If you’ve just purchased an electric vehicle or are considering investing in one, our EV-certified installers are ready to help. At Mend, we understand an electric vehicle is an investment so enjoy peace of mind with our safe and efficient charging options. From panel readiness to charging station installation, our electrical team is EV trained to ensure your home is prepared to support your new vehicle.
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Mend services now offers financing to residential clients through GreenSky. The GreenSky Loan Program’s focus is simple to help you create the home of your dreams. From deferred interest promotions to affordable budget minded options, our loans are an easy and convenient way to pay for any home improvement project.

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