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You are the point of contact so the project remains efficient, on schedule and on budget. Any additions or changes to the project must be approved by you.

Our Project Managers (PM) & Service Coordinators (SC)

You will be assigned a Mend PM or SC to help oversee your project and to act as your primary point of contact. They will work with you to define the scope of work and are available for any feedback, questions or concerns that come up during your project. We want to work with you to make your project as successful as possible! Should you have additional needs or change orders during your project, your PM or SC will communicate with you on how this may impact scheduling and/or budget. Our PMs and SCs focus on clearly communicating realistic expectations throughout the course of the project.

Our Vendors & Subcontractors

Not all vendors are created equally. Mend works closely with a vast network of reliable vendors and subcontractors to deliver you an exceptionally finished product. Although we strive to perform as much work as possible in-house, we rely on specialized subcontractors and vendors when specific needs arise.

Our Tradesmen

Mend carefully selects our team of highly skilled professionals. These expert craftspeople are responsible for bringing your vision to life while letting our high standards for quality and professionalism shine through. Our team of background-checked employees are our most valuable asset.

What slows projects down:

  • Changes and/or additions to the original scope of work
  • Design and/or material delays
  • Availability of craftspeople

What keeps projects moving:

  • Proactive communication with your PM or SC
  • Concise decision making and feedback
  • Being prepared and accessible for each phase…and enjoying your new space!

Need help with Financing?

Mend services now offers financing to residential clients through GreenSky. The GreenSky Loan Program’s focus is simple to help you create the home of your dreams. From deferred interest promotions to affordable budget minded options, our loans are an easy and convenient way to pay for any home improvement project.

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