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From pre-hung doors and finned windows to pivot doors, site-mulled windows and moving wall systems, Mend Services provides you with a team of manufacturer-certified craftspeople that your project needs.

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Today's contemporary and modern designs bring together indoor and outdoor living spaces through the use of expansive windows and doors. These complex systems play an integral part in the look and feel of your project, but they present unique logistical and building challenges. Mend Services' team of specialized door and window installers understand a wide range of products and techniques giving you the peace of mind that one of your project's most expensive and important components is installed with the care and attention necessary for success. From proper handling and installation to waterproofing and fine adjustments, Mend Services provides you with a turnkey installation solution that will make your project a success.


As window systems grow in size and complexity, site mulling becomes a critical component for structural and weatherization success. Mend Services' experience in complex mulling systems provides you with the support and expertise to take on even the most complex multi-window and door systems.


Pivot doors make a dramatic statement and become a focal point for your project's entry. Their unique features provide a luxurious feel and function but create challenging installation and weatherization hurdles. Mend Services' history of success with pivot door installations can help guide you through the process of properly integrating a pivot door into your design.


Today's multi-door and moving wall systems are pushing the boundaries of the traditional thought process of interior and exterior living spaces. As these systems grow in size and complexity, it's necessary to involve a team of experts to ensure successful operation and waterproofing. Mend Services' long tenure with multi-slide, bi-fold and pocketing door systems gives you a trusted partner that understands challenging architectural details including flush-set track systems, weep systems and multi-track components.


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